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Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment

Hair is considered as one of the most noticeable physical aspect of a person. Many people who have problems with their hair feel really depressed especially when they start to abnormally lose their hair. Although some have observed the problem early they try to ignore the issue thinking it is just normal to lose hair until they start to notice bald patches.

Hair loss problems can be caused by certain medications, diseases, heredity, ageing and hormonal imbalances. It can be experienced by both sexes. If you visit a local grocery store you will see various hair care products that sometimes claim to cure your hair loss problem. Before you try any of the products it is important to consult a specialist about it. If you don’t want to experience the problem there are steps on how to prevent it but if you are already dealing with it treatments are also available.


The Prevention

The underlying causes of hair loss can be prevented by doing the following;

  1. Eating healthy diet – A balanced diet consisting chicken, eggs, fish, bean, almond and yogurt can be a good way to stop losing your hair. Try to avoid foods that contain high fat which will increase the testosterone level, usually linked to hair problems.
  2. Avoid setting your hair in different styles – Pony tails or pig tails can pull your hair and if it is done most of the time this will result to hair loss problems. Ceasing the frequent pulling of hair can help your hair grow back naturally.
  3. Consult a hair expert and ask about the effective medicine to stop hair loss – There are certain medications that people can use to prevent losing their hair. Some are designed only for men while others can be effective for both.
  4. Reduce mental stress  Avoid stressing yourself psychologically as this was been observed by many experts to be one of the underlying cause of hair loss. This affects mostly women and will tend to get worse when left untreated. The stress factors associated with the problem may include intense work, financial problems, divorce, child birth and major illness or surgery.

The Treatments


There are many people who have been suffering from hair loss issues for many years. While there were just a few options for people in solving their problem before, the technology in the recent years has brought more and even effective solution to the problem. The great technological innovations like the hair growth lasers give more hope for those who have been dealing with the problem for many years. Laser therapy programs that include various types of treatment procedures are proven very effective. It uses a special combination of the latest laser beam technology, scalp treatments and hair re-growth formulas.

Surgical therapy is another option which includes hair grafting where doctors would insert hair into the scalp producing a naturally looking hairline. A non-surgical treatment is also administered so that natural hairs can grow alongside the grafted hair.

Cosmetic therapy that introduces hair loss products is another solution for your hair loss. These cosmetic treatments can allow changes in your hairs making them thicker and healthier. The most commonly known cosmetic treatments are thickening fiber products which use certain amount of keratin making the hair appear fuller and thicker. This is also helpful for those who have thinning hair problems.

Successful hair treatments can offer results quickly. If you are experiencing hair problems, consult your doctor about it to ensure that there is no health issues associated with it. Some of the therapies require regular session or application and some can provide permanent solution and does not require maintenance to keep hair looking naturally healthy. You can visit a hair loss laser clinic so that experts can recommend better options for treating your hair loss problem. Another option to consider is going for a temporary solution, like using clip in hair extensions to cover thinning hair.

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