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Vital Tips for Installing a Personal Sauna for Home Purposes

Personal saunas have always been one of the best ways to relax and keep your body healthy at the same time. Sauna was invented hundreds of years ago by the Scandinavians to give their body some relief from the harsh and piercing winter, but very soon they also understood many therapeutic effects of these saunas. Native Americans, Turks and Russians have traditionally also gone for sweat therapy. The benefits are many ranging from just relaxing the body detoxification, and maintaining skin health.

Growing Popularity of Saunas


Over the past years, there have been so many technological improvements in saunas and they continue to grow even today. Earlier people used to go to their local health clubs or recreational clubs to enjoy a relaxing time in saunas, but now they can also buy their own personal saunas for home. It is clinically proven that saunas soothe arthritis pain and sore muscles, produce endorphins that help in relaxing and keeping the body happy and they also relieve congestion.

What are They Made of?


Saunas are simple and small wooden rooms are usually made of cedar. These rooms are heated with the help of small stoves that have volcanic rocks placed on their top. The people who want to enjoy sauna, either lie down or sit in the wooden room, allowing the room’s temperature to make them sweat, and relax their body.

But, it is strongly advised to not be in sauna for more than 30 minutes as it can be dangerous. Finally, water is poured on those rocks, which produces steam clouds that changes the sauna room into some kind of steam room. This cleanses the sauna bather of toxins and sweats that their body was releasing.

Ease of Installation


There are personal saunas in the market that can be installed both outdoor and indoor, while there are others are only specific to either indoors or outdoors. Ideally, the sauna should be of 4×6 feet so that there is sufficient space for any size of bather to lie down and relax his or her body. Experts believe that lying down is the best way to enjoy sauna as this the heat is distributed evenly all across the body. A sauna can be created outside your home within your compound by making use of benches, stove and insulation. Alternatively, any small property owned by you can be easily converted into a sauna for around $1,500.

If you feel that you are handy enough, you can easily build one of these yourselves. Kits are available in the market with required instructions that can help you easily build a personal sauna; then there are many portable choices that can be installed and removed in no time. Installing a sauna within the house is always a wise move as it increases the overall value of your property and easily lasts as long as the home does.

Benefits of an Electric Sauna Heater


When you are going for interior saunas, you would need an electric sauna heater against the traditional wooden one. From one of the wholesale contractors, an entire sauna package can be bought for around $2,700. Make sure the wood you use in the sauna is thick enough as the wooden walls that are thinner than 1 inch may get shrink down after repeated exposure to heat.

Considering owning a personal sauna for a reasonable investment as it adds value not only to your health in so many ways, but it also improves the overall value of your property or the house that you stay in.

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