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Track Your Weight Loss in Various Ways

It is believed that the ideal weight – is the one where you feel like being cheerful, healthy and successful. In any case, the reduction in weight requires a reduction of calories and its speed depends on metabolism, physical activity and other factors, including hormonal. Therefore, this calculator for weight loss is just a starting point, the approximate data based on averages.

low-calorie-eatStart eating with the obtained in the calculation calories amount, but if you will not satisfy with the speed of weight loss – reduce calories while maintaining the proportions of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

For a more balanced weight loss reduce daily caloric intake by 250 calories and increase exercises to enhance calorie consumption by 250 calories per day. This approach will help to prevent a decrease in metabolic rate (metabolism) of the body and increase muscle mass. For those people who can eat anything and still do not gain weight is “high calorie “mode intended. Of course, as you will lose your weight you definitely need to recalculate your caloric needs, i.e. insert a new weight in the box calculator. This is because with decreasing weight, and reduced energy consumption, and thus to continue to reduce the weight you need that calories intake does not exceed their consumption.

Then what to add more or less is depend on the food composition, the physical activity and genetic predisposition.

physical-activityWe can also control physical activity: it is desirable to increase the maximum aerobic exercise (walking, running, etc.), or prefer not too tedious exercises to develop strength and increase muscle mass. Prerequisite is also a good rest and a long dream. But generic component we unfortunately cannot control so to who, as they say “destined” at that and will be a loss of lean muscle mass, not fat. It is therefore important to monitor the extent of weight loss percentage of fat in the body and, if necessary, to make adjustments in diet and physical activity.

However, try to calculate the loss of weight on the proposed calculator and not get upset if something is wrong, and go directly to the “Weight Loss” section.

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