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How to Discover the Worthy Health Charities Deserve Your Money

Thousands of health and disease charitable groups ask us to contribute money to advance and expand the reach of health care and medical education. Most of them are bonafide organizations, distributing the bulk of their proceeds towards patient assistance, education, and research. Few of the high income organizations may not be very efficient in spending large amount of money on administrative fields at the patient’s needs. Moreover, their goals and our goals could be different, so finding the best charities to donate can be a tougher task. A lot of individuals contribute to organizations where they have personal tie-ups.

Community involvement is a key drive of any business and charities are one way in which, business owners and working professionals contribute a small portion of what they owe to the society.

Here is a method to help you in determining which of the charitable health organizations really deserve your donations.

Finding Your Interests and The Cause of Various Charities


Ask yourself questions like what medical and health issues are part of your family history or had any of your friends or family members suffered from any disease. Think if you’ve dealt with any diagnoses or other challenges, whether those can be to memorialize or honor. If the charity has helped other people who were important to you, they can also be added to your list.

Goals and Benefits


Consider what benefits and aims are important to you; charity organizations have different missions and it is important to determine if it matches with your goal. Some organizations will focus on cures, and researching treatments, while others intend to offer educational services, helping people to deal with their health problems. Some charities help those who are unable to pay for their healthcare expenses and treatments or who the needy that require monetary aid for daily meals, transportation, medications.

Some people love to donate to cancer hospital, while some prefer to donate to blind schools; so it’s up to you to decide upon the cause that you’d like to support with your donations.

Consider the Scope


Local organizations, such as kid’s hospital in your area or support group will help the people in your community. Global charities will focus on vaccinations and improving public health, while national charitable organizations promote education, research, or specific rare disease. Choose an organization focused on the aim that mirrors your scope. You have to be sure that they are effective charities, which work towards the scopes and goals you’ve decided are important.

Tax Deductions


If one of your goal is to lower your tax bills, be sure you understand the CRA or IRS’s guidelines and rules. Not all charities that ask for donations are regarded as bonafide for tax claims. To qualify as a charitable group for which you can avail tax benefits, the association must have been approved for the status by the Government agency and service.

Confirm the Authenticity of Organization


There are thousands of charities, but only few of them can take your money to truly help your cause. If donation making is new to you, do not simply assume it is safe to donate through some sort of solicitation. Research the strength of a charity’s fiscal accountability and track its record to make sure that you’re helping an individual or organization it is meant to help.

Once you’ve considered all these aspects, you can research charitable health organizations to find those that most fits into your scope and interest. When your values and interests are combined with your research into genuine organizations, you should be sure that your charities are focused toward what’s important to you.

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